Friday, 22 January 2016

Welcome to My Blog!!

Hello! Welcome to my blog "My Childish Life" I only called it this because I am VERY childish that's because I'm crazy, funny, and weird. LOL!! Well, this is a blog I can post anything. Whatever I want. But, NOT bad or mean things. Well, let's talk about me. I started making blogs when my teacher actually tought us how and that was like I don't know but probably in September. I really love my school because my best friends are there, but not one of my friends. She is not in my school anymore because her bus won't go to where she lives so she changed to Sawmill Creek School. I really miss her. But, the good thing is my brother is friends with my friend's brother and my family
(mom, dad and brother) know where her family is... Which is great!! Well, that's some of my life in future weeks I'll tell you what I was doing, like my days basically. Just like a journal. Well, that' sit for me... BYE!!!